The AHHF Challenge – Coming Soon

I missed the challenge enrolment, can I enrol late?
Unfortunately not. When enrolment is closed, we cannot open it again until the next challenge.
How often should I submit my challenge images and measurements?
Each week, you should upload at least 1 images and 1 measurement to your challenge tab.
I don't understand challenge measurements, can you help?
For the challenge, you are asked to pick a measurable goal. Each week, you measure your progress towards this goal and enter the measurement into the chart area within the challenge tab. We ask for a weekly measurement, because it helps us to assess your progress towards your goal.
If my membership payment fails while on the challenge, will I be kicked off?
No, you will not be kicked off. Not having a Premium membership will make it impossible to enter your images and measurements, which means you will not have uploaded your progress each week, which just makes it hard to win.
Are my challenge images shown to the public?
No, they are used to assess your progress when it comes times to judging. Your images are not shared with the public.

Trainer Support Chat

What is the trainer support chat?
The trainer support chat is where you can ask the trainers questions related to your fitness. It is also where we check-in with you every 5-6 days after no contact. Coaches always aim to answer your questions within 24h. You may also ask general question about the site/app.
What are program messages and where can I find them?
Program messages are messages dedicated to a single personalised program. They are used to discuss everything related to that training program. Any questions about the program or any requests for change should be directed through this chat, not the Trainer Support Chat.
How often will the trainer check-in with me?
We check-in with you if we do not hear from you in 5-6 days. We aim to not be too intrusive, but provide a kick up the arse when necessary and provide you with support when you most need it.

Exercise and Training

Why are my reps, weight or sets not saving?
Make sure to press the grey button on the set after updating a value, this will save the set.
Why can I not see my personalised programs now that my membership has canceled?
Personalised programs are part of a paid plan. If you no longer have a paid plan, you will not have access to the personalised programs. This is consistent with the rest of the app/site. For example, you cannot watch plan restricted videos after you plan has expired, regardless of if you watched them when you had an active plan.
Do you guys make training / exercise programs for home training.
Yes, many of our customers exercise at home. We build programs for you, based on the equipment you have available to you. Less equipment will just reduce the exercise variation.
Do you provide pre / post natal exercise programs?
No we do not, as we are not qualified to do so.
Why is my program not exactly what I requested?
Writing a personalised program is like making a suit. We try our best to get it perfect first time, but often, it takes adjustments to get it perfect. This is why you have the program messages and can request unlimited changes to the program.
I cannot see the sets or reps on the exercise, do you not provide them?
We do, just check the exercise name with the arrow across from it.
How often should I request a new training program?
We suggest you request a new program every 4 weeks.
Why has the coach not entered weight on my program?
They have not entered the weight because they cannot. The trainer does not know how strong you are, so it would be very risky for us to assume your strength and enter a starting weight for you.
What is the difference between Personalised Programs, My Workouts and Browse workouts?
Personalised Programs are written for you by the coach and are written to your instruction. You are able to track your personalised programs directly on the personalised program. My Workouts are where you can build and track workouts which are not personalised programs. It is also where you can follow Browse workouts. Browse workout are generic workouts written by James each day. They can be filtered to match your goals and preferences.
What does E/S mean on a program?
It means Each Side.


Where do I log my food on the app / site?
You cannot log your food on the app or site, as we are not a food logging service. We always suggest MyFitnessPal. There is a video explaining this in the Learn tab under nutrition.
Will you guys write me a meal plan?
No, we do not write meal plans, we are in fact opposed to writing clients meal plans. We teach you how to manage your own nutrition, which we believe is a better long term solution, and has allowed us to help thousands of people.
My macros seem correct, could I be doing something wrong?
My most common reason for an incorrect macro reading is not paying attention to the units you are using or over/underestimating your activity level. If you are unsure about this, you can use the trainer support chat to ask the coach for advice.
Where is the macro calculator?
At the top of your nutrition tab.

My Account

How do I change my email?
You can change your email in your account area on the website.
I am struggling to login, but know my details are correct.
This is almost always because of the way you are entering your username or email. Both usernames and email are case sensitive, so Anthony is not seen the same way as anthony. Please make sure you are entering the correct letter case.
Why am I not receiving the emails?
The most common reason for this is because customers unsubscribe from all emails. You can manage your email preferences in your account area on the website.
How do I change my password?
You can change your password on the login page or in your account area.

Cancelling Subscription

Why have I not been accepted into the Facebook group yet?
It can take admins a couple of days to accept your entry into the Facebook group.
I cannot enter my username into the form on Facebook.
This is an issue with Facebook as their form is on their site. It may be related to visiting Facebook in private browsing mode, so maybe try it without being in private browsing mode. If that does not help, you will have to contact Facebook about the issue.

My Membership

Is the monthly subscription a contract?
No, it is just a normal monthly subscription. It will keep rolling until cancelled, but you can cancel at anytime.
How long does the trial last for?
The trial is unlimited, it does not end and you can stay on it for as long as you like.
How do I upgrade and downgrade between memberships?
You can do this on the pricing page. Provided you are on a subscription, you can upgrade and downgrade freely. When you upgrade or downgrade, it will just refund any remaining time on your current membership and start your new membership immediately.
Can I pause my subscription?
Unfortunately, we do not offer this option. We suggest cancelling and then resubscribing when you are ready to re-join.
What currency can I pay in?
We support GBP and USD. However, your currency is set by your location. If you are outside the UK the currency will be USD.

Facebook Group

Is there a contract with the monthly subscription, or can I cancel at anytime?
You can cancel at anytime, this is not a contract, it is just a normal monthly subscription which will keep rolling until cancelled.