Hey I'm Anthony Hilton

So unlike other fitness professionals, fitness has never come easy for me. Having struggled with my weight all my life - at my heaviest I weighed in at 18 Stone 7 Pounds, 261 Pounds or 118.7kgs. Deciding back in Sept 2017 to change my lifestyle completely. At this time I weighed 15 stone 7 pounds and had been for a number of years I asked for help from a personal trainer and in 7 weeks he helped me achieve my initial goal of becoming fitter and also losing 1 stone in weight due to the change in lifestyle. After 7 months of continuing my health and fitness journey I decided to embark on becoming a Personal Trainer and help people myself. Having been a coach whilst serving in the Royal Navy for 22 years and also working in a gym for over a year now, I have been able to put all my coaching techniques learnt from my time serving my country into coaching people on the gym floor and in classes that I teach! So far I have over 500 hours of training people in the gym and this number rises weekly.